La Chouffe Alcohol-Free Review: Belgian Blond Beer

November 15, 2023
By: Audrey Hickey

About the Author

Audrey is the head writer at One Club Sober and has spent the last few years tasting and reviewing different non-alcoholic drinks. She has been sober since 2021, and her favorite non-alcoholic drinks are really hoppy beers, seltzers, and hop teas. You can reach Audrey at

If you’re new around here, then there’s something you need to know about me. I love Belgian beers. I love them so much that they were some of the first drinks that came to mind when I was thinking about going sober. The thought of giving up all of those wheat beers, blonds, and spicy ales was just too sad to think about.

Thankfully, plenty of Belgian breweries now make non-alcoholic beer, including one of my favorites, Chouffe. See what I think about this non-alcoholic Chouffe Blonde in this Chouffe alcohol-free review.

A Quick Look At Chouffe Alcohol-Free

Chouffe alcohol-free is a Belgian blond-style beer made by Brasserie D’Achouffe in the small village of Achouffe, Belgium. It contains 0.4% alcohol by volume (0.4% ABV).

Introduced in November 2022, Chouffe Alcohol-Free is the newest addition to Brasserie D’Achouffe’s beer lineup.

Chouffe Alcohol-Free Beer

Chouffe Alcohol-Free Review 


Chouffe Alcohol-Free pours a golden yellow color characteristic of blond beers, with some unexpected haze.

There was a lot of carbonation initially, but it dissipated within seconds, leaving some lace on the surface of the beer.


It’s fruity on the nose, with notes of mango and pineapple coming through most strongly. The aroma reminded us of a juicy IPA.

There were also some bready malts in the background, however, the fruit flavors come through most strongly.

Chouffe Non Alcoholic Beer Review


On our first sip, I tasted some fruity notes of mango and pineapple, similar to the aroma. There is also some citrus/lemony sourness and bready notes that come through mid-palate.

The hop bitterness is barely noticeable, nor is the malt sweetness. It tastes very well-balanced and light with no offensive notes.

The beer wasn’t super complex flavor-wise, nor did it have a lot of carbonation to it. The amount of carbonation reminded us of sparkling water.

Overall, it was pleasant enough to drink.

Chouffe Alcohol-Free Ingredients 

Chouffe Alcohol-Free contains water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops (and hop extracts), and spices. 

There aren’t really any surprises here when it comes to ingredients. That said, this is the first time I noticed hop extracts in a beer so I had to look up what they are. Essentially, hop extracts are just concentrated hop oils. Their purpose is to strengthen and improve the aroma of beer.

In terms of spices, I couldn’t find a definitive answer. Coriander is definitely present, and there’s a good chance cloves are, too.

Chouffe Alcohol-Free Calories

There are  23 calories per 100mL (aka 76 calories per 330mL bottle) in Chouffe Alcohol-Free.

The fat content is minimal, coming in at <0.2g per 100mL (0.67g per bottle). The carbohydrate count is 18.6g per 330mL, of which 7.6g are from sugar. It also contains negligible amounts of protein (0.9g) and salt (0.09g)

The amount of calories is pretty standard for a non-alcoholic beer, so no surprises there. I find the carbohydrate and sugar content quite high. It’s not surprising for this style of beer, but I wouldn’t want to drink something this sugary on a regular basis.

 Avg Quantity Per Bottle (330ml)
Calories76 kcal

Final Verdict Of Our Chouffe Alcohol-Free Review

Overall, we thought Chouffe Alcohol-Free was perfectly average. It’s light-bodied, easy to drink, and has a flavor profile that won’t offend anyone. The flavors (hops, malts, and fruits) are well-balanced but aren’t especially complex.

We would probably drink it again if we saw it at a restaurant or bar, but we wouldn’t make a special effort to seek it out.

Great For:

  • If you’re looking for an easy-to-drink Blonde non-alcoholic beer

Not Recommended For:

  • Those who prefer more complex or full-bodied beers

Where to Buy Chouffe Alcohol-Free

Those located in the UK can purchase Chouffe Alcohol-Free from Amazon UK or online retailer Dry Drinker. It’s available in packs of 8 or 12 bottles (330mL).


Other Chouffe Alcohol-Free Beer FAQs

Is Chouffe Gluten-Free?

Chouffe Alcohol-Free is not gluten-free. It contains both wheat and barley malt, two ingredients that contain gluten.

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Is Chouffe Alcohol-Free?

This brew contains 0.4% ABV, making it effectively alcohol-free. Although not completely free of alcohol, this amount is negligible. In fact, you’ll find about the same amount in yogurt, ripe bananas, and some fruit juices.

And no, you can’t get drunk off of 0.4% beer.

Is Chouffe Vegan?

Vegans, rejoice! Chouffe Alcohol-Free contains only plant-based ingredients, making it an excellent option for vegan NA beer lovers.

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We hope you loved this Chouffe Alcohol-Free review. Here are some other non-alcoholic beers you might like!

A perfectly average non-alcoholic Blonde with a simple malty flavor profile and no surprises.

About the Author

Audrey is the head writer at One Club Sober and has spent the last few years tasting and reviewing different non-alcoholic drinks. She has been sober since 2021, and her favorite non-alcoholic drinks are really hoppy beers, seltzers, and hop teas. You can reach Audrey at


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