Original Rose Wine Review
July 16, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

José Maria da Fonseca Original Rose Wine Review (O%riginal Non-Alcoholic Wine)

We have a theory that most countries are either wine or beer countries, and Portugal is definitely a wine country. In Portugal, ...

Sagres 0.0 Preta Review
July 4, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

Sagres 0.0 Preta Review: Non-Alcoholic Dark Beer (Portugal)

While neither Audrey nor I am huge stout or dark beer fans, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to review one ...

Sagres 0.0 Review
June 18, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

Sagres 0.0 Review: Non-Alcoholic Beer From Portugal (Weissbier)

Living in Portugal, we mostly get two main Portuguese beers to choose from: Super Bock and Sagres. Both breweries offer the same ...

Super Bock Non-Alcoholic Stout Review
May 9, 2023
By: Audrey Hickey

Super Bock Non-Alcoholic Stout Review (<0.5% ABV)

Super Bock's non-alcoholic stout (aka Preta) is the next stop on our journey to try all of Super Bock's non-alcoholic beer offerings ...

Super Bock Non-Alcoholic Pilsner Review
May 5, 2023
By: Audrey Hickey

Super Bock Non-Alcoholic Pilsner Review (Super Bock Free Sem Alcool)

You can't go anywhere in Portugal without seeing Super Bock umbrellas, signs, or posters. That makes sense considering that Super Bock is ...

coral beer review coral sem alcool non-alcoholic beer
January 18, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

Coral Beer Review: Tasting Madeira’s Coral Sem Álcool (0.0%)

One of the perks of traveling is tasting new non-alcoholic beers. During our trip to Madeira island, an autonomous region of Portugal, ...

Ocean Lager 0.0 review
January 10, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

Ocean Lager 0.0 Review – Portuguese Non-Alcoholic Lager Making Waves

When we saw Ocean Lager 0.0 on the menu at a hipster pizzeria in Lisbon, Portugal, we knew we had to try ...

Super Bock 0.0 review
December 27, 2022
By: Chrystabelle

An Honest Super Bock 0.0 Alcohol-Free Beer Review: Portugal’s #1 Brewery

Updated May 5th 2023In Portugal, you'll see ads everywhere by Super Bock and Sagres - the two giant Portuguese beer companies. You'll ...

O%riginal wine review non alcoholic wine Portugal
December 16, 2022
By: Chrystabelle

O%riginal Alcohol Free White Wine Review (Non-Alcoholic Wine In Portugal)

Produced by José Maria da Fonseca, the first winery in Portugal to produce alcohol free wine, the Original Alcohol Free White Wine ...

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