Updated: November 29, 2023

In order to be as transparent as possible about how we put our reviews together, here’s the process behind all of our product reviews:

Our Review Process

1. Research: We look for the best non-alcoholic drinks available and independently research to choose the right products to review.

2. Tasting: We taste as many non-alcoholic drinks as we can. The best way to know and recommend a drink is to try them ourselves!

3. Feedback: Besides our own feedback, we often review customer feedback on websites like Amazon or Untappd to see what other people thought about their drinks. Their feedback can provide valuable insight into issues that we haven't personally experienced.

Our Scoring System

One Club Sober uses a 5-point scoring scale, with sensitivity based on taste.

Scoring is problematic, because it is an inherently subjective experience based on our own personal expectations and preference. Acknowledging that, we still feel that scores provide a meaningful basis for distinguishing between which non-alcoholic drinks are better and worse.

1 star (outrageously bad): Probably not deserving of your time. An affront to non-alcoholic drinks and should be avoided.

1.5 star (barely drinkable): Some will pour this down the sink, others will persevere. But this is a poor drink that makes your tastebud cringe, and whoever made this should be ashamed.

2 stars (flawed): Still not enjoyable, but it won't make you want to pour it down the drain. You might occasionally drink it in a "it's not as bad as I remember" kind of way.

2.5 stars (bearable): The halfway mark of our scoring system. Its not bad, but its not good either. Decidedly average. A giant "meh". You won't rush out to buy it again, but you'll drink it if you need to.

3 stars (average): It's not exciting, but you'll be satisfied with it. It won't be your first choice of drink.

3.5 stars (good): A non-alcoholic drink you would be happy to drink. You won't be mind blown by its taste, but it will be enjoyable from start to finish.

4 stars (great): In an ideal world, all non-alcoholic drinks would reach this level. There is a well-balanced taste and you would enjoy each sip.

4.5 stars (mind-blowing): This non-alcoholic drink is quality from the first nose, through the mid-palate and on to its finish. It must be well-balanced and you might even grieve when you're finished.

5 stars (life-changing): You will forever talk about this non-alcoholic drink and how it changed your life. It must have everything required for a delicious tasting non-alcoholic drink - close your eyes and you're in heaven.

Rather than litigating the merits of a 3 versus a 3.5, we’d encourage our readers to take the scores as a general guide. 3 is average. If a score is a 3.5 or above, this means that the reviewer would probably go out and spend their own money to acquire another bottle. If 2.5 or below, this means that the reviewer didn’t enjoy the drink, or didn’t think it worth the expense.

While we know that this won’t end the debates around scoring generally (or individual scores specifically), we hope this framework is a reliable reference for both writers and readers when considering the scores attached to reviews.


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