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Northern Monk Holy Faith Review
December 10, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

Northern Monk Holy Faith Review (0.5% ABV): Hazy Pale Ale

Northern Monk is one of the most popular craft beer breweries in the UK, and Northern Monk Holy Faith is their alcohol-free ...

Mash Gang Only In Dreams Review
December 9, 2023
By: Audrey Hickey

Mash Gang Only In Dreams Review: Non-Alcoholic Sour Beer

We were excited to try Mash Gang's Only in Dreams, a sour beer with notes of strawberries and jalapenos.Only in Dreams is ...

jump ship brewing yardarm review
November 29, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

Jump Ship Brewing Yardarm Review: Non-Alcoholic Lager

I've tried many non-alcoholic beers from the UK, but never from Scotland. Jump Ship Brewing is the first Scottish non-alcoholic brewery founded ...

beavertown lazer crush review
November 13, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

Beavertown Lazer Crush Review: Alcohol Free IPA (UK)

London's Beavertown Brewery has been on supermarket shelves since 2018, and we finally got the chance to try their alcohol-free IPA "Lazer ...

BrewDog Nanny State Review
November 12, 2023
By: Audrey Hickey

BrewDog Nanny State Review: Tasting This Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale

It may seem unbelievable, but one of the world's heaviest-drinking countries is also one of the biggest players in the alcohol-free drinks ...

BrewDog Elvis AF Review
November 12, 2023
By: Audrey Hickey

BrewDog Elvis AF Review: I Try The Famous Non-Alcoholic Elvis Juice

UK-based BrewDog makes some of the best alcohol-free beers we've tried so far, so we were excited to get our hands on ...

Northern Monk Holy Hop Water Review
August 29, 2023
By: Audrey Hickey

Northern Monk Holy Hop Water Review: Sabro-Infused (0.0%)

Non-alcoholic beers, wines, and mocktails are great, but hop water remains one of our favorite non-alcoholic drinks. Not only are they just ...

gordon's alcohol free gin review
May 16, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin Review: A Classic Non-Alcoholic Gin

When it comes to gin, Gordon's is a name on many gin lovers' minds. Back in the day, I used to love ...

CleanCo Clean R Rum Review
May 2, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

CleanCo Clean R Rum Review: Non-Alcoholic Rum Replacement

Before switching to non-alcoholic drinks, I used to be a frequent spirits drinker. Rum, whiskey, bourbon, tequila - these were my poison ...

CleanCo Clean G Review
May 1, 2023
By: Chrystabelle

CleanCo Clean G Review: I Tried This Non-Alcoholic Gin

Hailing from the UK, Clean Co has been making waves with their non-alcoholic spirit alternatives. One of the spirits I wanted to ...

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