8 Best Non-Alcoholic Gin – Tasted & Reviewed For 2024!

January 3, 2024
By: Chrystabelle

About the Author

Chrystabelle is a non-alcoholic drinks expert who has tasted and reviewed hundreds of non-alcoholic beers, non-alcoholic wines, hop water, and non-alcoholic spirits. Her journey to being sober curious and discovering non-alcoholic options began when she realized she had a tendency to binge drink. Reach her at chrystabelle@oneclubsober.com.

Being in this non-alcoholic drinks industry, I have seen how the quality of non-alcoholic gins has improved tremendously in recent years.

As more people turn to non-alcoholic spirits as a way to reduce their alcohol intake, I’ve found that the taste of non-alcoholic gin is also improving as more research and experimentation is being done by gin companies.

There are plenty of non-alcoholic gins right now, and some gins that I’ve tried stood out. To learn more about non-alcoholic gins, I’ve written a whole guide on non-alcoholic gin.

Below, I share some of my favorite non-alcoholic gins.

Trying different non-alcoholic gins like Monday Gin Gordon 0 and Free Spirits Gin

Best Non-Alcoholic Gin at a Glance

The Best Non-Alcoholic Gin Roundup

My Favorite Zero Alcohol Gin: DHŌS Gin Free

Dhos non-alcoholic gin review

Dhōs Gin Free is another one of the better-tasting zero alcohol gin that I’ve tried.

While many non-alcoholic spirits taste like a syrup or sparkling water infused with herbs, Dhōs Gin Free actually has a strong Juniper taste that reminds me of gin.

According to Sandra Krut, vice president of marketing of Dhōs, the reason why their spirits taste so good is because they don’t follow the alcohol removal process. Instead, they follow the process of mixing different ingredients to create the taste.

The strong resemblance to actual gin comes from the steam distillation process, and it contains pure Juniper berry oil and other botanicals which are cold pressed to retain the intensity of the flavor.

Besides the taste, Dhōs Gin Free is also perfect for those watching their calories or sugar intake since it has zero calories and zero sugar.

What I like: Replicates the Juniper taste of gin very well

What I don’t like: I could taste a slight soapy-ness which adds an unnecessary layer to the flavor profile

Size: 750ml / 25.4 fl oz

Country: United States

Flavor profile: Notes of pine, juniper berries, citrus, orange peel, and menthol

Price: From $24.99

Order Dhōs Gin Free on Proof No More (within the United States)

Best Juniper Taste: Monday Gin

Monday Zero Alcohol Gin

Of all the non-alcoholic gins I’ve tried, Monday comes close to being the best tasting non-alcoholic gin (it’s really hard to pick the best non-alcoholic gin! Read my review of Monday Zero Alcohol Gin here).

Made in Southern California in small-batches using natural ingredients, Monday non-alcoholic gin is Monday’s award-winning flagship spirit. I found the aroma to be spot-on for a gin, with the right amount of juniper that reminded me of pine trees.

While there’s lots of juniper to remind you of real gin, I don’t recommend drinking this straight with ice (which is usually how I enjoy my gin).

It is incredibly sour and bitter from the citric acid and lime. Keep adding more ice to reduce the bitterness.

What I like: The juniper note is prominent in both the aroma and the taste

What I don’t like: It is too bitter to drink it on its own without mixing with tonic water

Size: 750ml / 25.4 fl oz

Country: United States

Flavor profile: Notes of citric acid, lime, and a touch of orange on the exhale

Price: From $40

Order Monday Gin directly from their website (within the United States)

Best For G&T: Optimist Botanicals Fresh


In my past review of the Optimist Botanicals Fresh, I noted that it has strong cilantro and basil flavor notes that come through even after it is mixed with tonic water. I found that as a gin-alternative, it pairs very well with tonic and a splash of lime.

I like that the scent of this alcohol-free gin evokes memories of strolling down the herb section at the grocery store, with aromas of basil and oregano to lime and citrus.

What I like: Strong flavor notes even after mixing with tonic water

What I don’t like: The cilantro is very pronounced. You’ll either love it or hate it.

Size: 500 ml / 16.9 fl oz

Country: United States

Flavor profile: Notes of cilantro, juniper, lime peel, basil, and fennel

Price: From $35

Order Optimist Botanicals directly from their website (within the United States)

Best Dry Gin: FLUÈRE Original

FLUÈRE Original

If you are looking for a dry non-alcoholic gin with a nice back-of-the-throat burn, I recommend FLUÈRE Original.

It had a nice lemony dry sharpness when I tasted it, giving it a “dry burn” that you would get from a traditional gin. The heat I got slowly faded to a feeling of dryness, so it is not a “heat burn” per se, but it is neat indeed.

The Juniper taste isn’t too strong with this non-alcoholic gin, so it is not overly gin-like. Overall, it is a refreshing and dry 0% gin alternative that mixes well with tonic water to make a G&T.

What I like: The back-of-the-throat dryness which mimics the familiar burn

What I don’t like: The aroma and taste of juniper is less pronounced than I like

Size: 700ml / 23.7 fl oz

Country: United States

Flavor profile: Notes of juniper, herbs, and lemon

Price: From $29.99

Order FLUÈRE Original on Proof No More (within the United States)

Best NA Gin For Martini: CleanCo Clean G

CleanCo Clean G non-alcoholic gin

Founded in 2019, CleanCo is an alcohol-free spirits company from London. It has gotten lots of hype for its non-alcoholic products, likely because CleanCo is founded by UK reality TV show Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews.

When I reviewed the Clean G gin, I found that this alcohol-free gin alternative doesn’t have the strongest juniper flavor and the mouthfeel feels watery.

There is also a sharp dry lemon taste that can feel rather overwhelming if you don’t like the taste of lemon. I think it is a decent sober gin option for those who prefer having a milder gin taste to serve as a mixer.

What I like: Good option as a mixer when I need a milder flavored gin-alternative

What I don’t like: The taste is underwhelming and the juniper is too mild

Size: 700ml / 23.7 fl oz

Country: United Kingdom

Flavor profile: Notes of light juniper and strong lemon

Price: From $29.99 and £16.89

Order CleanCo Clean G on Proof No More (within the United States) or on Dry Drinker (within the UK)

Free Spirits The Spirit of Gin

Free Spirits The Spirit of Gin

The Spirit of Gin is made to recreate the same sensory experience as a dry Plymouth-style Gin, and it uses ingredients like juniper, cardamom, and citrus to do so (as well as natural flavors).

This non-alcoholic gin is on the citrusy end of flavor, with a light juniper presence and stronger citrus notes. On its own with some ice, I found the taste to be clean and light.

The taste of juniper does get lost when mixed with stronger tasting ingredients, so I recommend keeping the mix classic and sticking to just tonic water.

What I like: The flavor is clean and light, making it a perfect gin-alternative to drink on the rocks

What I don’t like: The juniper flavor is not strong enough and the citrus/floral is too strong

Size: 750ml / 25.4 fl oz

Country: United States

Flavor profile: Notes of citrus and floral. Light juniper.

Price: From $37

Order Free Spirits The Spirit of Gin on Free Spirits (within the United States)

Best Value: Clever Gin

Clever Gin

When I first saw Clever Gin, I wasn’t too impressed by the packaging. Unlike the other non-alcoholic gins, the bottle didn’t give me a gin-like experience.

The flavor of Clever gin is on the light end for non-alcoholic gins, and the juniper is more subdued than the DHŌS Gin Free or the Monday Gin.

At $24.99 a bottle, I like Clever Gin for its flavor to price ratio.

What I like: It is light and refreshing, with some spice and citrus notes to excite my taste buds

What I don’t like: The flavors could be stronger, especially the juniper

Size: 750ml / 25.4 fl oz

Country: Canada

Flavor profile: Notes of spice and citrus

Price: From $24.99

Order Clever Zero Alcohol Gin Alternative on Proof No More (within the United States)

Best Gin-Inspired Non-Alcoholic Spirit

If you’re looking for a gin-inspired non-alcoholic spirit that don’t necessarily taste like gin, check out my following recommendation. This non-alcoholic spirit has created its own take on gin.

Tenneyson Black Ginger

Tenneyson Black Ginger

Tenneyson is upfront about their taste and share that they aren’t trying to replicate the flavors or effects of traditional liquor like whiskey or gin.

Instead, I tasted a delicious non-alcoholic spirit alternative to gin (so good it won the Silver medal at the London Spirit Competitions 2022).

In my review of Tenneyson Black Ginger, I thought the aroma was very aromatic and strong, with lots of orange and ginger mixing to give it a delicious smell.

I recommend sipping this slowly to enjoy the intensity of the orange and the ginger fully.

This non-alcoholic gin-alternative is definitely one of the best non-alcoholic gin I’ve tasted and smelled. I even gave it a five out of five, something I’ve never done before with a non-alcoholic drink!

What I like: Complex yet tasty. The strong taste of orange that hits you right away, followed by a subtle lingering ginger aftertaste

What I don’t like: Not much I didn’t like, perhaps it could be less bitter

Size: 750ml / 25.4 fl oz

Country: United States

Flavor profile: Notes of strong orange with ginger lingering as an aftertaste

Price: From $38.99

Order Tenneyson Black Ginger on Proof No More (within the United States)

How To Choose the Best Non-Alcoholic Gin For You


Every non-alcoholic gin has its unique taste and flavor notes. Some are sweeter while others are savory gins.

Some non-alcoholic gins try to mimic traditional gins, while others are “inspired by gin” and creating new flavor profiles using different botanicals and spices.

Knowing what flavor profile you’re after will help you to narrow down your options.

Nutrition Information

Some non-alcoholic gins have sugar added to improve the taste of the gin, so you’ll want to avoid these non-alcoholic gins if you are watching your sugar intake.

Another thing to look out for is whether the ingredients are artificial or natural ingredients. Some non-alcoholic gins are made using artificial flavorings, and I’m not a fan of artificial ingredients.

If you’re looking for vegan-friendly non-alcoholic gins, then these are our recommended vegan non-alcoholic gins.


It might surprise you to know that non-alcoholic gins can cost the same – if not more – than alcoholic gins.

This is because the process of making non-alcoholic gin requires the same blending and distillation process, with the added step of removing alcohol on top of that.


After trying different non-alcoholic gins, my pick for best tasting non-alcoholic gin is DHŌS Gin Free.

It has a strong juniper taste that resembles traditional gin, and I also enjoyed the citrus and orange peel flavor notes with a lingering menthol aftertaste.

I hope this article on the best non-alcoholic gin has helped you discover new non-alcoholic gin brands to try!

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About the Author

Chrystabelle is a non-alcoholic drinks expert who has tasted and reviewed hundreds of non-alcoholic beers, non-alcoholic wines, hop water, and non-alcoholic spirits. Her journey to being sober curious and discovering non-alcoholic options began when she realized she had a tendency to binge drink. Reach her at chrystabelle@oneclubsober.com.


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